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Samantha Mahurin's Bio

          As a current member of SAG/AFTRA, twenty-four year old Samantha Mahurin has been acting
professionally since she was four. She is an American Citizen and holds an up-to-date, U.S.
          Currently training with top Hollywood Coaches to further her strengths, at age thirteen,
Samantha took time off from the Industry to concentrate on her strict academic curriculum.
However, with her constant love of acting during those years, she continued to broaden her
resume by participating in school plays, choir and team dance.
          Upon graduating High School Samantha returned to her love of the profession, continuing to
put together a powerful portfolio by studying with top Hollywood Coaches for theater, movies
and television as well as working on projects with like minded supportive friends to gain
experience acting in film. Albeit twenty years and tiny for her age, Samantha is also known to
play roles much younger than her years.
          Scene Study classes at NoHo Actors’ Studio has given Samantha a huge knowledge of both stage  and television with a variation in large audience participation. Every semester she performs on-stage, in plays––plays such as: Angels in America, by Tony Kushner; Ludlow Fair, by Landford
Wilson; and, Laughing Wild, by Christopher Durang. These classes have shown Samantha how this specialized third dimensional training has helped bring her into a deeper understanding of each character she portrays – a deep belief that pulls powerfully different ideas into each role she takes on. Because the Industry changes every day, each session excites her giving her challenges that
grow into every role that calls on her better judgement and concentrated teamwork.
          During her studies with Independent film makers, Samantha has begun to learn about film
editing and camera mechanics giving her more respect to other aspects of the Industry. Her
passion and dedication to the entire Entertainment Industry is beyond reproach.
          I have known Samantha since she began in the Industry twenty years ago, so it has been easy
for me to see her passion and dedication grow. Such dedication and desire is not a common
trait these days––a trait that tells me her aim is to make every producer and director proud by
being the best she can be; and clearly, she won’t stop until she attains that goal. Such a trait
comes from a powerfully specialized place that is born in ‘you’... something which cannot be


CoLee Viedelle-Smith.

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